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One thing we have seen in our years of experience is that good marketing makes a business flow. Online marketing is about employing tricks and techniques that draw attention to your intention
Direct Marketing That Works
Direct marketing simply means Face to face, or not digital. Direct Marketing strategies are very important in Costa Rica because in many ways, digital media falls short when it comes to finalizing a sale. Direct marketing solves this issue with results you can count on.
Content Campaigns
Content is king, and our marketing ninjas know that. The future of advertising is not a catchy headline, but rather a well thought out podcast or youtube channel, that highlights your brand, because there audience is interested in what you sell.
Search Engine Marketing
This marketing feature is all about making sure all the hard work you do with your content creation does not go unnoticed. Once the marketing campaign is created, it is important that you reach out to all channels and online mediums to distribute your content.
Facebook Advertising
There are so many powerful new features to Facebook advertising, and the cost is so low to begin. It makes it a :how can I say no`` type of scenario. Facebook ads offer very distinct controls for focusing in on your target audience, and it is hard not to enjoy the brand exposure you receive, even if conversion rates for sales are not as high as other avenues.
Google Adwords Advertising
The tried and true version of online ad space purchasing, Adwords is best known for being around the longest. This means it has the most support and analytics to back the strategies we utilize here. A diversified marketing campaign almost always includes Adwords if your budget calls for it.
Market Research & Analytics
The fundamentals of good marketing begin with the statistical market research that helps determine your target goals. Without these measurement, you may be targeting profits that don't equate to long term growth for your company or product line.
Online Reputation Management
An ever growing trend in online marketing is to have reputation managers that monitor your brand's online discussion activity, and comment according to best practices in customer service. Tripadvisor services always include reputation management to offer support to reviewers that might not have had the A+ experience you were hoping to provide them.
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Digital Marketing & Brand Promotion
Great way to begin to format your online presence for digital marketing
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Youtube Promotions & Video Ads
Cross-platform content campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube engagement
PPC Advertising Options available
Blogging & Content Creation
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Best in Class marketing services that continue for a whole year
Includes digital & direct marketing
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been creating media?
Since the internet began.
Do you provide these services outside of Costa Rica?
Yes, we work with experienced creators internationally. Give us a call at 8427 0728 and we will discuss how we can connect you with a Ninja in your area.
Does Marketing Ninja have a contract?
Yes, we have a well thought out and properly organized contract that we deliver with a full scope of work document. The scope of work document will be created once we have our initial discovery meeting. A discovery meeting is a consultation phone call in which we come to a summarized agreement about what the expectations for the project are.
What is the average turn around time for a promotional video to be made?
3 weeks is the average, it can be done in as little as 1 week. Larger projects may leave it for as long as 8 weeks.
Can you provide Factura Electronica?
Are you insured in Costa Rica?
What happens once I click 'Select This Option' under one of your services?
You will be taken to a pop up window that includes a form with information for us about your selection. From there, simply send along your contact information, the best time to call, and anything else you would like us to know. We will respond as soon as we get the message.